The SimCityEDU games suite is designed and developed at GlassLab, a groundbreaking collaboration between Institute of Play, the Entertainment Software Association, Electronic Arts, Educational Testing Service, Pearson’s Center for Digital Data, Analytics & Adaptive Learning and others.

GlassLab brings together leaders in commercial games and experts in learning and assessment to leverage digital games as powerful, data-rich learning and formative assessment environments. With best-in-class talent and intellectual property from EA; trusted expertise in evidence-based assessment from ETS and Pearson; the ESA’s distributed network of thought leaders and public advocates; and Institute of Play’s expertise as a leading innovator in 21st century learning design, GlassLab is creating a new model for commercial game studios and learning organizations to come together to do great work.

A project of Institute of Play, GlassLab is made possible through the generous support of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

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